About us

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We are an Argentine company, 24 years of experience and experience in the area of ​​body and facial aesthetics in pre and post plastic surgery treatments.

Trained in different countries such as Argentina, Brazil, the United States, the United Arab Emirates, makes us offer a wide knowledge in Beauty.
Specialized in satisfying the needs of authorized professionals, therapeutic masseurs and professionals in the area of ​​aesthetics.

Slim Program, USA has a presence in the United States.

For nearly three decades, Slim Program, USA has developed, consulted and manufactured excellent products for the prestigious beauty market, salons and spas and cosmetic surgery centers.

Our staff is composed of experts trained professionally in the latest techniques and products. Our service and dedication to our clients do not
They have the same.

Our goal is to offer the largest selection of new procedures and products to licensed professionals of salons, spas and Medical Aesthetics. We continually do research to bring you innovative products that provide exceptional results and maximize health and wellness benefits. The permanent research and training of our team ensures that our professional knowledge is at the forefront of the most recent developments in beauty, health and body care.

Slim Program, USA supplies products to some of the most prestigious spas, resorts and day spas in the United States and other parts of the world, as well as treatments for professionals and products to be resold.

We use exclusive natural ingredients in skin and body care products; on the other hand, our laboratories constantly research new active ingredients to obtain more efficient treatments.